Glossary beginning with C

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Case number

A number assigned to a case that is on every paper filed in the case

Certified copy

A document sworn to be true by the circuit clerk stamping it

Certified mail

A document delivery service that sends you a receipt as proof that the documents were delivered

Child support

Money paid by a parent to help another parent support a minor child or children

Child support order

A decision by a court telling a parent to pay child support

Circuit clerk

The office that takes care of files and documents for court cases

Circuit court

The lowest level of court in Illinois

Citation to discover assets

An order from the court for a person to come to court to be questioned under oath about how much money they have and property they own

Civil cover sheet

A form filed by the plaintiff with the complaint at the start of a lawsuit

Civil procedure

Rules you must follow when you're participating in a lawsuit


A person who demands something from another individual


Money paid for health care in addition to what the insurer pays


A person who is charged with the same crime or sued in the same case


People who live together


Property you promise to give up if you don’t repay a loan


Payment for work done or damage suffered


Another word for plaintiff or a person that files a lawsuit


A written statement to start a lawsuit that says what the defendant did




When someone gives permission for someone else to do something

Consent foreclosure

An agreement for land to be foreclosed or sold by the lender


The duties and rights involved in marriage

Contempt of court

When someone violates a court order or disrespects the court

Contested case

When both sides to a case present opposing arguments and evidence

Contingent fee

When a lawyer is paid from the money their client won or recieved


When the judge delays the trial or hearing

Contributory negligence

When someone's own acts resulted in them being harmed


When someone is declared guilty of a crime by a court


To sign a loan with another person and share the responsibility that it will be paid back


Two or more people renting the same property


Another name for a lawyer


A claim brought by a defendant against a plaintiff

Court costs

The fees for going to court, including filing, serving, and getting transcripts

Courtesy copies

A copy of a document given to the judge


Someone who is owed money