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June 24
Mortgage Foreclosure eLearning Curriculum

June 28
Seminar: Debt Issues Facing Legal Aid Clients

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Resources for Paralegals Volunteer Opportunities for Paralegals  

Pro Bono Opportunities for Paralegals
Explains how paralegals can get involved in pro bono work and what should be considered before starting this work.

NFPA Pro Bono - Paralegals Making a Difference
Describes the National Federation of Paralegal Association's pro bono history, goals, and awards.

Utilizing Legal Assistants In Pro Bono Publico Programs
In this article, the American Bar Association explains how to best utilize legal assistants in the delivery of pro bono legal services.

Bridging the Gap - Tips for Pro Bono Volunteers Assisting Low-Income Clients
Provides helpful tips and describes issues pro bono volunteers may encounter when assisting low-income clients.

Volunteering as a Paralegal
Offers advice on how to make the right choice and make the most of your volunteer experience.

Getting Into the Pro Bono Game
Article from Legal Assistant Today Magazine that explains how to start a pro bono volunteer program at your firm.

SNAP Pro Bono Project
LAF (Legal Assistance Foundation)
Posted: 07/07/2015

Representing a Family or Youth Experiencing Homelessness in an Education Case
Chicago Coalition for the Homeless Law Project
Posted: 12/09/2014

Street Law Public Education Volunteer
First Defense Legal Aid
Posted: 06/03/2014

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